Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Subject: Menswear

When I was younger, I was a huge tomboy. Instead of playing with Barbies or easy bake ovens, I played with GI Joes and Hot Wheels. I always had the style match my boyish personality. As I grew up, however, my style changed into something more girly. Somewhere around the ninth grade, I traded my slouchy T-shirts and ruddy jeans for feminine ruffles and crisp bows. Despite this, my love for tomboyish and menswear inspired looks lives on.

Although menswear and been on trend for a while now, shamefully I have yet to try the trend. I've wanted to for some time, but can never seem to find the perfect piece when I'm shopping. Menswear pieces can add structure and dimension to an otherwise girly outfit. A well made blazer will go with anything and last for years. Add a pair of suspenders to a basic skirt and top to create visual interest. A tailored vest will make any outfit seem more sophisticated. Menswear items can be on the pricey side, but will prove to be well worth the investment.


  1. Don't know it won't let me post as my Dora C... Meh, whatever. I like this, Sarah!

  2. Hi!
    You commented on my blog, so I ended up here. I love menswaer with a feminine details. I really like your blog and I'm following you now. I hope you follow me back.

    Lots of love,